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We represent quality weight-based solutions to demanding agricultural applications - TMR mixers, grain carts, livestock, bin and truck scales, squeeze chutes, weigh wagons, grinder/mixers, cotton buggy, catfish feeding, logging and the list goes on. The Agricultural Scales we sell and service are from quality conscious, ISO accredited, manufacturers.

The following is representative of what we offer. It is not exclusive. Please contact us with your requirements.

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November 2014
Introducing iForeman - the smarter way to harvest data.

 iForeman is the new grain cart application which can link your grain cart to your smart phone and tablet for live data on the move. Currently available on the iOS platform, the iForeman app can be downloaded from the Apple Store and used on your iOS smart device in place of a traditional scale indicator. For more information click here.

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Agricultural Scale Manufacturers
Avery Weigh-Tronix Rice Lake Weighing Systems           
Cardinal Agricultural / Cardinal Livestock              
Central City Scale Tru-Test
W W Paul (Mechanical and electronic animal weighing scales)

Modern History of Electronic Agricultural Scales

Art Luscombe invented the grinder-mixer and founded Art's-Way in 1956. "The grinder-mixer was a wonderful invention. It automated several processes in one, portable unit. The only problem was that the farmer had to sort of guess at the proportions when adding the feed components -- a bucketful of this, a shovelful of that. Luscombe realized from the start that what his machine needed was an on-board weighing system that could accurately determine how much of each component went into the hopper. But none of the weighing systems he tried had worked." (Corporate Report Minnesota February 1981 issue) In 1965, Richard Bradley, a self-taught experimental stress analysis expert, was asked to design an electronic scale for the grinder-mixer. By March of 1969 he had successfully tested his first working model. In 1970 Art Luscombe bought Richard Bradley's engineering firm (MSI) and had Bradley come to Iowa to head the scale division of Art's-Way. The scale division was incorporated in 1972 and began selling to agricultural OEM's like John Deere, International Harvester and Massey Ferguson. "Because of their sound patent position, and because they had virtually invented the market when they came up with the scale, Weigh-Tronix quickly dominated the agricultural scale business." (ibid.) By 1981 Weigh-Tronix was distributing scales to 27 OEM's and had roughly 65% of the agricultural scale market. In 1980, Weigh-Tronix was spun off as a separate company from Art's-Way. Since then, through growth and acquisitions, they have become one of the largest scale companies in the world.

Weigh-Tronix, now Avery Weigh-Tronix, was so successful they were imitated by others. You will notice a striking similarity between competitive products and Avery Weigh-Tronix products. Know, however, that when you buy from Avery Weigh-Tronix you're getting the genuine original with many thousands of successful installations.

Avery Weigh-Tronix concentrates on building the scale components. Other companies, such as Central City Scale and Scale-Tec, use those components to build complete scale kits for TMR Mixers, Grain Carts, Seed Tenders, Squeeze Chutes, Livestock Scales, Truck Scales, etc. The scale kits include all the fabrications and hardware needed to turn your device into a scale. We sell and service these quality products.

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