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Cranes, riggers, shipyards, construction sites, surveyors, inspectors, and utilities demand cost-effective yet technologically advanced solutions for processing, monitoring, and controlling overhead loads. Tension Links provide the needed solution. Capacities range from 500-pounds to 300 tons. These have large displays of 1" or more at the hook and have wireless remote control and display options.We have stainless steel units for marine and other wet applications. We have all the latest communication interfaces – both hardwired and wireless.  The weighing products we sell and service are from quality conscious, ISO accredited, manufacturers.

The following is representative of what we offer. It is not exclusive. Please contact us with your requirements.

Click on the Manufacturer name below for their Tension Link (aka Load Link or Tension Dynamometer) family.

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Tension Link (aka Load Link or Tension Dynamometer) Manufacturers

Intelligent Weighing (Straightpoint)

(Measurement Systems International)

Straightpoint Load-Link PlusStraightpoint Handheld PlusStraightpoint Radio-Link Plus
Intercomp TL6000 Tension Link
MSI-7300 Dyna-Link 2 Tension

Load-Link Plus and Radio-Link Plus
TL6000 Tension Link
MSI-7300 Dyna-Link 2

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